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OC Number Replacement Meme: The Rainforest

For this meme, please do not change the questions or look ahead. That spoils the fun!

Choose 12 OCs

1. Shadow Delaney
2. Junko Date
3. Vincent (Vince) Sinclair
4. Gun Long
5. Zero Demetrius
6. Sin Petra
7. Phraetes (Fray) Heliotus
8. Ravel Akuma
9. Nico
10. Rakesh Sur
11. Tzvi Yaffe
12. Doina Lupei


You OCs are lost in a South American Rainforest. They have a jeep, a small crate of food and water, and a knife.

1.  [ 8 ] is elected by the group to drive the jeep. Why were they picked? Are they any good?

Shadow: I don't really want the responsibility...
Junko: Ah! Pick me! We can go on a joy ride!
Gun: Seriously?! I'm not getting in a car with you driving it. I'm much more reliable.
Vince: I don't give a crap.
Zero: Aw, Gun's no fun! It'll probably be boring if he drives.
Sin: I'm not much for driving in the rainforest. Usually, I have someone else drive.
Fray: Let's make it educational!
Doina: Let's not.
Ravel: Well, if no one else really wants to do it, I'm willing to drive. *Gives a cocky grin.*
Tzvi: Sure. I don't know much about you, but you seem harmless.
Nico: Be careful. It looks rough out there.
Rakesh: I can help out if things get to be too much, with my telekinesis.

2.  The terrain was too ragged for [ 8 ], and after about five miles, they crash. [ 5 ] is injured and [ 9 ] is knocked unconscious. What happens?

Gun: Oh crap! I'm never letting you drive again!
Ravel: I'm sorry, but it was really tough-
Fray: Whoa! Nico! Wake up! Eh, come on!
Zero: It's understandable the terrain was a bit much. Not sure if anyone else could have done better. My arm should be ok soon. I heal quickly, remember?
Shadow: How could you be so calm?! You're bleeding, and that doesn't look like it'll easily heal.
Junko: I could have drove better! You should have let me!
Vince: I'm suddenly really hungry. Where's my tea?
Sin: Oh no. This can't be good...
Doina: You people are worthless. I'll go search for your tea.
Tzvi: Weren't you going to help with your telekinesis?
Rakesh: Sorry. I started to nod off.
Fray: Does anyone else even care about Nico?! *silence*

3.  [ 2 ] turns out to be a skilled healer. Do they mend [ 5 ]'s injury or let them suffer?

Junko: I started taking a first aid class, so let me help you.
Doina: I'm a 'Light Healer', it's second nature to me. But, if you really want to screw it up, knock yourself out. I'm still searching for Vince's tea.
Zero: Really...seriously, it'll heal in a few minutes. I'm a phoenix after all. Hehehe...
Junko: I'm going to help you, damn it!
*It heals on its own before she has a chance to do anything.*
Zero: See. I told you.
Junko: Humph! Ok, fine be that way.

4.  [ 9 ] wakes up. The group decides to continue on foot. They take their supplies with them and share the load equally. [ 3 ] is given the knife. Then [7] gets separated from the rest. How do they, and the others, react?

Fray: Whoa! He woke up guys!
Shadow: That's great.

Gun: I don't trust Vince enough to give him a knife. Whose bright idea was that?
Vince: Oi! You know me enough by now that I wouldn't try anything. I could have killed you numerous times.
Gun: Bring it on vamp!
Shadow: Guys! Calm down. Where's Fray?
Sin: I don't know I was talking to him a minute ago.
Nico: I don't know either. I didn't even sense him leaving.
Doina: Hopefully that crazy extrovert got lost somewhere, so I won't have to hear him constantly yap.
Shadow: Doina! You don't mean that!
Nico: She has a point.
Shadow: He's your friend for crying out loud!
Doina: It's not like I said I wish him dead. Just that he stays away from me for a while. How do you put up with him?
Nico: You do get used to him eventually, but he can still be annoying. He's a good person to ask about social things though.

5.  [ 7 ] is still lost, when the others come across a jaguar! It attacks [ 12 ]!  [ 3 ] still has the knife. Are they willing to use it to help save [ 12 ]? What happens?

Shadow: Oh no! What do we do?
Doina: Ah! Get away!
Vince: I know you can kill it on your own, but I'll get it for you. We can eat it later too!
*He lunges at it, and stabs it to death with the knife.*
Shadow: I don't want to eat that!
Vince: What? It's good protein. And, I can't let that blood go to waste.
Doina: Thanks! But, really, I could have killed it without a puny knife.
Sin: Is food all you really think about?
Vince: Yes. You have to survive somehow, you know. Oh, and yes, I could have gotten it without the knife, too.

6.  Whatever occurs, the jaguar leaves. The group finds its way to the ancient ruin of an Incan temple. [ 10 ] and [ 11 ] climb up the endless steps to go inside. It's very dark. What happens between the two?

Tzvi: Hey, Rakesh! Do you have a lighter? Or a flashlight, or something?
Rakesh: I have a tiny pocket flashlight, but I guess it'll do.
Tzvi: This is kind of cool, huh?
Rakesh: Yeah, I've never been at a temple ruin before.
Tzvi: Why don't the others come whith us?
Rakesh: Maybe they're too scared.

7.  While the rest are waiting, [ 6 ] snaps. They steal the knife from [ 3 ] and kill [ 8 ]!!! What happens next?

Vince: What the hell?!
Shadow: Sin? What's wrong with you?
Gun: I was pretty distraught by his horrible driving as well, but wouldn't kill him over it. That's just sick.
Doina: Should I dispose of her? She's gone off the deep end.
Nico: No! Don't! She's still one of my best friends. I'll wrestle her down, tie her up, and drag her with us. Poor Ravel. We didn't know much about you...
Junko: I've never seen a professor act this way. She's so sweet usually.

8.  After this, [ 1 ] and [ 4 ] go out to search for [ 7 ], who is still missing. Has [ 7 ] survived? What state are they in? Or do [ 1 ] and [4] find a body?

Fray: Hey guys!
Shadow: Fray! Where were you?
Fray: I seemed to have gotten a bit lost. But, found some really cool things out here.
Gun: You seem like you could survive anything.
Fray: Well, you don't get to be my age without learning how to survive. Hahaha!
Shadow: Let's get back to the group.

9.  Night falls on the rainforest, and the remaining group wants to take refuge in the temple. Who is the most scared/nervous about this idea?

*Shadow, Fray, and Gun make it back to the group.*
Shadow: I'm not really sure it's such a great idea to go in there.
Zero: What? Are you scared?
Shadow: No! I never know what's in a place like that.
Doina: Ah. The little human is terrified. Don't worry, we'll be fine.
Shadow: Somehow, you don't sound very reassuring.
Gun: Look, there are many powerful demons with you. We'll protect you.
Shadow: But...we haven't heard from Tzvi or Rakesh.
Fray: I'm sure they're fine. They probably got distracted by something.
Junko: Relax Shadow! It might be fun!

10.  Inside, the group makes too much noise and disturbs a large number of vampire bats. These creatures won't usually feed from humans, and never if they are awake, but do your characters know this? What happens?

Shadow: Ah! See, I told you this was a bad idea!
Vince: Oh hey, it's my cousins! Don't worry, they're harmless. They mostly feed on livestock. And, they're more like mosquitoes. Usually don't kill their victims, quite different than actual vampires.
Shadow: They're still creepy!
Vince: Hey! Don't say they're creepy!
Doina: I find them kind of cute.
Gun: We used to see them in some of my family's caves. They really aren't bad.
Junko: They're pretty tasty actually.
Vince: How could you say that?! Don't eat them! At least not while I'm around...

11.  In the morning, [ 2 ] finds themselves covered by carnivorous red ants. How do they react?

Junko: Oh no! They look pretty good actually. Maybe I'll just eat as many as I can, and stomp on the rest.
Shadow: What?! Don't eat them, they might be poisonous!
Junko: Poisonous to you. You forget, my kind loves to eat bugs. And, they're a very good protein source. What else do you expect me to do? Although, I half thought about just playing with them, but there's way too many to do that.
Gun: I can burn them up for you.
Junko: I really like to eat things while they're still alive. Once it's dead, the fun's over.
Gun: No! I didn't mean for you to eat them. I just meant it'd be faster.
Junko: I'll eat them. I'm pretty fast. *She starts chowing down on them. Almost everyone else is disgusted by this.*

12. After that, your OCs exit the temple to find that a helicopter is waiting to take them home! How do they feel?

Shadow: Yay! We're saved! Poor Ravel, though.
Junko: Aw, the fun's over.
Gun: Fun? It wasn't fun at all.
Zero: It was quite an adventure, but I'm glad we'll be able to go home now.
Rakesh: Somehow, we must have met up with you guys...Glad I'll be leaving this place.
Tzvi: The temple was fascinating though.
Fray: Wasn't it?
Sin: *Still tied up* Sorry, guys I don't know what came over me.
Nico: It's ok, but I think you might need some therapy once we get back.
Doina: I don't see what was so bad, other than someone getting killed. You people don't know how to survive in isolated areas, do you?
Vince: It's a lot more calm at home. Although, it was pretty nice to see some of my cousins. Not everyone's like you, Doina. You live on a frickin' remote island. It must've felt like home to you.

13. Finish the meme by describing who enjoyed the adventure the most! Or you can tag somebody!

Junko: I think it was a lot fun! A little sad about Ravel. But, I didn't know him. Those ants were tasty! Those bats looked like they would be even better. If Vince hadn't been there, I would have had a really nice meal.
All 12 characters are from Alliance, my story. This was fun! :dummy: I feel bad for killing off Ravel, though. :cry: Not many of the characters actually met him in the story. Everyone, but Shadow is a 'demon'. About half of these characters I made up, and some I put twists on popular folktales. Anyways, thanks to :iconwaterlightfading: for making the blank! :hug: Blank: [link]
preciousserenity657 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012

Number Replacement Memes are really fun....
rcmacdonald Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012   General Artist
Thanks for the fave! :hug: Yeah, I think this was the first one I filled out. It was fun. :)
preciousserenity657 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
You're welcome! :meow:
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